NextGen JCA is the Next Generation of Japanese Cultural Artists who carry on Japanese traditional arts with respect to time honored traditions, but also seek new ways to express them.

The best way to experience these arts are live and in person, but due to Covid-19, we were unable to do our live concert.  Instead, we are presenting five separate streamed events so you can enjoy them one at a time! You can still feel these arts as they are presented as they will be felt on a soulful plane and experienced uniquely through an individuals’ emotional vibration. Even if you are not of Japanese heritage, these arts are beautiful and connect people in a spiritual way. The arts transcend spoken language and offer an opportunity to get in touch with oneself on a deeper level.

If the art speaks to you, you should try it! Seek out someone to teach and mentor you in both the mechanics of the art, as well as, the cultural traditions and lessons behind it. Watch others on recordings for inspiration and share with and connect with people you know. In this way, you will be contributing to keeping the arts alive.

Artists who appear in NextGen JCA events will be artists who have dedicated themselves to the art, have achieved some level of excellence, and want to teach and pass it on to the NextGen JCA.